Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Strike Update 5/30

Two visits with hunger strikers were denied today at Red Onion State Prison. One of the strikers visitors attempted to see had been visited last Wednesday. According to his lawyer, immediately following the visitation last week he was relocated from his pod in segregation to an empty cell block. We believe that he has been held in isolation since.


Visitors were told that the man was “not eligible to have visitors.” When asked why, Chief Warden Randall Mathena responded, “I can’t tell you at this time…he’s in kind of a limbo situation right now and it wouldn't be productive for the facility.” The warden went on to say that visitation is a privilege. He said he could not say when visitation would be allowed again, only that the visitors should check back again next week.


The second attempted visit, with a hunger striker not previously visited, was met with the same response. A guard told the visitor that the hunger striker was not eligible for visitation and that they should call ahead next time



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