Take Action

Make a phone call today. Send an email today.

VA DOC Director Harold W Clarke
Email: Harold.Clarke@VADOC.Virginia.Gov
Business Phone: 804 674 3118

WRSP Chief Warden Gregory Holloway
Email: Gregory.Holloway@VADOC.Virginia.Gov
Business Phone: 276 523 3310

1. Donate! Click "Donate" from our home page. The costs are starting to add up, and we need your support. The only likely way we can communicate with hunger strikers is through legal visits, and we need funds through the legal effort, travel, and communication. Please donate $20 or whatever you're able.

2. Contact any media/journalists/press, politicians, or influential people you know and urge them to get involved. Post responses in support of the hunger strike and the prisoners on articles and other media covering the hunger strike.

3. Write letters to your local paper!

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