Friday, May 25, 2012

Solidarity Statement

Solidarity statement from News and Letters Committees:

The courageous prisoners at Red Onion State Prison, VA, are demanding recognition that is due all human beings. Your demands: for edible food, for real grievance procedures, for oversight of guards' performance, etc., are specific to your institution and conditions. Yet they reverberate with every prisoner and every person who cares about human dignity. Your struggle is a part of many other prisoners' struggle, too.

Georgia prisons went on strike on December 9, 2010. Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville, Ohio went on hunger strike in January 2011. Pelican Bay SHU prisoners organized a hunger strike in July 2011 and again in September-October 2011, that crossed not only the race/gang divisions the prison forces on prisoners, it inspired solidarity actions in many other California prisons and engendered unprecedented 'till then support from outside, uniting families of prisoners with activists in various actions of support.

We in News & Letters Committees express the firmest solidarity with the strivings of Red Onion prisoners. You are not forgotten! Your struggle is our struggle, is everyone's struggle for a human world.


- News and Letters Committees


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