Monday, May 28, 2012

Call up hunger strikers at Red Onion Tonight 7-9


As the men at Red Onion State Prison enter Day 7 of their hunger strike, they need to know how much support they have on the outside. One way to do this is to leave a message for WMMT’sCalls from Home radio show tonight, May 28, between 7-9 PM.

WMMT Mountain Community Radio 88.7 in Whitesburg, Kentucky broadcasts inside the walls of Red Onion State Prison, as well as six other prisons located in the Mountains of Central Appalachia. Every Monday night between 7-9 PM, DJs record phone messages from friends and family members of those incarcerated in the region’s prison system, and then play them out over the radio between 9-10 PM that same night. As long as the strikers at ROSP are able to have their radios on, they will be listening to the show tonight. You can find out more info about the show here:

In order to preserve the longevity of the show--which is an important 
method by which men inside receive messages weekly from their loved ones back home--we are asking everyone calling in to be conscious of some restraints 
on what you can say:

1) Don't mention the ROSP hunger strike directly.

2) No cursing! 

3) Don't mention any of the men by name 

4) Don't make your statement a call to action--this is against national radio regulations and could be considered inciting a riot by officials and would give them fuel to impose restrictions on access to the show in the future

Suggestions on what to say:

1.) Let the men know where you are calling from

2.) Sing a song, read a poem, say an inspirational quote, recite a rap – any kind of transformational art you can share over the radio to uplift their spirits

3.) You can express your support for their strength and vision and dignity… For example, it’s ok to say “We support you and stand in solidarity,” but not, “Now is the time to rise up and demand your rights.”

4.) Keep it short (3 min max!) -- we believe that many short messages will be a more powerful 
display of support than fewer long messages--we want the men to know that 
there are many people out here standing in solidarity.

If you any questions about what is/isn’t okay to say before you record your message, just ask the DJ who answers your call.

Calls are taken/recorded between 7pm--9pm and aired from 9pm-10pm.

The number to call is: 
1-888-396-1208. If the lines are busy KEEP CALLING. We can only take 2 calls at a time and expect the lines to be tied up tomorrow!

You can stream the show live at: or at

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