Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Demands Delivered to VA Department of Correction

Dozens gathered in Richmond to deliver Red Onion State Prison hunger strikers' demands to the Department of Corrections.

Isis Hodari, a hunger strike supporter and family of incarcerated individuals, presented the 10 demands. "It's time for our families and loved ones inside to be treated like human beings."

Phil Wilayto, of the Richmond Defenders, said "The most important thing about the prisoners' demands is that Red Onion need only follow their own regulations with regard to meals, medical care, sanitation, grievance procedures, and humane treatment of prisoners. In order to press these demands the prisoners have to take the extreme step of risking their health and even lives."

Also present were the Richmond Defenders, RIHD, Collective X, and the Wayside Center for Popular Education.

The DOC's Director of Communications, Larry Traylor, received the demands and delivered them to Director Harold Clarke.

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